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All About Me

Hey Everyone!  Im Dr. Stacey. 


Here is a little backstory on why I do what I do.  In 2013, after practicing podiatric medicine and teaching in Washington state, I found myself in what I refer to as my "faux" retirement. My mother (Ms Jackie) had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease a few years prior. It had come to a point to where she was needing full time help with her home care.  I moved back to my home state of Missouri to become the primary daily caretaker for my mother.  

 When I was growing up my mother and grandparents had a local ceramic shop.  I spent most of my youth at that shop immersed in creativity and watching my family teach classes on their art.  When starting to care for mom it was a no brainer, we turned to small projects to help keep her entertained and focused.  This return to my artistic roots, led me to making handmade items in my downtime and eventually to selling DIY decor and furniture supplies.  But, with everything going on you know what I missed?  Teaching and interacting with new people.   

So here we are today. Through weekly Facebook live videos (Tuesday and Thursday at 9am CST), online classes and in person classes I would love to help you find that spark that ignites your creativity.  Creativity can be good for your soul, mind and heart.  Will every project look perfect, absolutely not.  Will we have fun, without a doubt.  I hope you will join me.  Let's make life beautiful together.​


Sadly Ms Jackie lost her battle with Alzheimer's and went to her heavenly home in November 2021. I am still very committed to helping those with Alzheimer's Disease and their caregivers.  We donate 10% off our sales to the alzheimer association yearly.  Want to help?  Donations can be made online at

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