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Daydream Apothecary

Daydream Apothecary is about way more than just our paint (although the paint is pretty bomb, too, if you ask us). Instead, our company is about finding raw, beautiful talent and recognizing those who aren’t afraid to hustle. We’re a better paint company when we partner with creative, edgy artists – well-known or not so much – who inspire us to be bold and take risks in our journey to create truly amazing paint for our projects. We are so inspired by our partnering artists and even more excited for you to check out their incredible work.

Each Color line is curated by these partner artists: 

Neons By Anissia Collection - Anissia Perry

Coastal By Worn to Whimsey - Llewellyn Krastev

Botanical By Chloe- Chloe Kempster

Cozy Home - Vault Colors 

Free Spirit - Vault Colors

Wanderlust Metallics - Daydream Apothecary

Graffiti Pop by Gray Gardens Design - Maria and Ashley

Old World by Girl in Blue Designs - Charlie 

FAQ:  Neons are black light reactive with a translucent base (thinner than other colors).  Works best with our neutral Ground Control White for vibrant colors.  Can use other paints as base also. 

All other lines are opaque base and do not require a base color.  Synthetic or Natural brushes. 

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